Why Is My Vaginal Discharge Yellow? Here What Must Do!

If you have a question of ‘why is my vaginal discharge yellow?’, make sure for you to find know what you have to do. Actually, there is some best treatment you can do for that till then you will know what the best thing you have to make sure. Perhaps many of the women ask, whether it is normal or not. Well to find the answer, of course, we must make the process of searching information about all that so it will be very good and appropriate to be used as a reference.

Know the Causes of It!

Before doing anything that can eliminate and overcome yellow vaginal discharge, then it is good indeed for you to know first what the cause. There are many causes and you should be able to understand them all well. If you can understand everything, then you will understand exactly what is most reliable to get really far away what is needed.

Yellow discharge is one type of whitish that is not normal. The causes are as follows:

  • Fungus/candidosis vaginalis: white whitish milk and very itchy
  • A normal bacterial imbalance in the vagina / bacterial vaginosis: white vaginal discharge and fishy odor
  • A parasitic/trichomoniasis infection: yellowish or bubbly and very itchy
  • As a result of sexually transmitted infections: such as herpes and gonorrhea (GO) and usually can be accompanied by BAK pain and bleeding. In worse conditions can cause pelvic pain.

Tips to Get Rid and Overcome It

You can do the following tips to reduce and prevent whiteness to strike you back:

  • My Vaginal Discharge YellowMaintain the cleanliness of your sex organs by always cleaning with clean running water
  • Always replace underwear at least 2 times a day and as soon as possible change underwear if panties are moist and wet
  • Avoid using your intimate cleanser soaps that contain high chemicals
  • Do not keep changing partners and use a condom as a safety if you do not know the history of your sexual partner even if the condom is not 100% can prevent transmission but may reduce your chances of contracting
  • Use cotton underwear
  • Always cleanse your sex organs before and after sexual intercourse
  • Avoid sexual intercourse if you are experiencing the current situation
  • Use amoxicillin, but will amoxicillin treat bv?

Well, some important ways you can do when you get a yellow discharge problem in your vaginal area. Those are what explained above, actually, it is part of the answer to the question ‘why is my vaginal discharge yellow?’