Why Does My Vagina Always Smell? Here the Answers!

Do you ask ‘why does my vagina always smell?’ The question becomes common and always asked by women. Women have always been the vaginal odor, so many of them are panicked to overcome it. But for some who already know, they just relax because they know that it is normal and natural thing. How about you? Well for those of you who have never before experienced smelly discharge, it’s good to find first some information to answer the above questions.

Start by Finding the Causes!

The first and most important thing for you to do is to find out the cause of ‘why does my vagina always smell?. Is it possible for the vaginal odor to occur without any cause at all? Of course very unlikely. Well in general, usually the occurrence of odor in the vaginal area can occur due to several things including:

• Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)
• Yeast infection
• Drugs influence
• Food influence
• Sweat
• Unforgotten tampon, etc.

Well, that’s some of the factors that have been often considered the source of vaginal odor problems. Please find out, where is the problem? This is important because it will affect the treatment methods to be selected.
Know Types of Smelly Discharge on Vagina

Why Does My Vagina Always SmellFurthermore, it is also important for you to know some types of vaginal discharge especial odor. Well, there are indeed some types of odor that often occur in women. Do you already know? Here are some types:

• Metallic scent
• Fishy scent
• Musky scent
• Rotten scent
• Bread scent

Actually, from some of the options above, you can find which are still under normal conditions and which is normal. In addition, sometimes it is also distinguished by different colors so you can know which ones are normal and which are not.

Do I have to worry?

Above are some types of odor common to women during this time. Usually, if there is an abnormal sign of your vaginal odor, you should immediately consult a doctor to take medical action. During this time many of the women who were panicked so they take action that does not make sense. It is very dangerous indeed so it can cause bad side effects if the selected treatment is wrong. Well, you should just calm down and try to do something that is really safe. That is, even if you will choose an alternative treatment, do it all well and correctly. Those can be a good solution for your question of ‘why does my vagina smell different?