White Discharge After Chlamydia Treatment

White Discharge After Chlamydia Treatment. The abnormal white discharge of the genitals in women is known as leucorrhea. This white excretion or discharge in women requires attention if there is a vague smell, blood stains or color changes.

The amount that is normally secreted varies according to the menstrual cycle in women and tends to peak during ovulation. Under normal conditions, the white discharge is usually viscous and slightly sticky.

Leukorrhea can be a consequence of the presence of a disease or as a result of infection by fungi, bacteria or viruses. The imbalance of the hormone estrogen can also be one of the reasons for this abnormal vaginal discharge. Leucorrhoea due to estrogen stimulation is also known as physiological leukorrhea, which is a natural defense mechanism that the vagina uses to maintain chemical balance.

During pregnancy, estrogen increases, which increases the flow of blood to the vagina. This can lead to a white discharge state. This condition, which results from inflammation or congestion of the vaginal mucosa, inflammatory leucorrhea is called. Other causes of this condition are poor eating habits, diabetes, anemia, poor hygienic conditions, lifestyle and constipation.

Leucorrhoea remedies are available for effective white discharge treatment. This Leucorrhoea remedies can be used effectively after the condition was diagnosed with the following symptoms: discharge in underwear, indigestion, headaches, bad smell, weakness, constipation, lack of shine, irritation and itching of vagina changes and Mood.

Some of the effective treatments of white secretion are the following:

White Discharge After Chlamydia Treatment

1. Balanced diet: add green vegetables and many fresh fruits to the diet. These provide the necessary nutrition for the body. Because this condition causes weakness, a healthy and balanced diet is essential.

2. Hygiene: For an effective treatment of white discharge, an adequate sanitary condition must be maintained. Wear clean underwear and do not share underwear. Wash them regularly and carefully to avoid any type of infection.

3. Avoid stress: avoid stress and effort, as this can aggravate the problem. Read good books and listen to relaxing music to reduce stress. Rest well and do not exercise.

4. Neem: you can wash the vagina with neem water every day.

5. Hip bath: in this condition, a sitz bath can be useful.

6. Exercise: Exercising every day is very beneficial. Practice yoga because there are certain asanas in yoga that are beneficial for an effective white detoxification treatment. Sarvang Asana, Pranayam and Vajra Asan must be practiced daily.

7. Fenugreek: a tea with fenugreek should be drunk regularly.

8. Guava leaves: Guavenblätter soak in water overnight and use this water to wash the vagina to get relief from the condition.

9. Walnut leaves: These leaves are also used as an effective treatment of white discharge.

10. Cilantro remedy: soak the cilantro in water overnight and then drink this water after waking up.

In addition to these leucorrhoea remedies, you should eliminate spicy foods, acidic foods, fatty and fatty foods from the diet and consume easily digestible foods. Consume yogurt, cranberry juice and bananas daily. It is important to increase immunity, exercise regularly and sleep and rest properly.