What the Difference of Thin and Thick White Smelly Discharge?

White smelly discharge became one of the most popular because it happened and experienced by women. The question is, is that a natural thing? Actually, it is a natural thing because it often occurs in almost all women, especially married ones. But there are usually two types that occur that is thick and thin watery vaginal discharge. Well, what’s the difference between the two? To find the difference, we should be able to try to find something more valuable and detailed. Let us discuss in detail in the discussion and description below:

Thick white smelly discharge

Thick smelly discharge is one of the symptoms caused by several things. The normal white discharge is usually clear, creamy and white. So, when you experience thick white discharge, it is feared it shows symptoms of certain diseases. There are certain causes that often make this happen, including:


  • Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Yeast Infection
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
  • Vulvovaginitis
  • Atrophic Vaginitis
  • Antibiotic use

Then how to solve all the problems? Well, for treatments should be selected based on the cause itself. If you have problems with the yeast infection, then try using antifungal, then with other causes, use a different way of treatment to get the best result.


Thin white vaginal discharge

Thick White Smelly DischargeIn addition to thick, there is also a thin white discharge that often occurs. If thick it indicates another bigger problem, in contrast to thin discharge. As mentioned above that the normal white discharge is clear color, thin. Even many who say that it is a natural phenomenon that during this time is commonly healthy. Usually, it happens after the menstruation period and after that, there will be no more. Thus, you as a woman should not worry when getting the problem so it can really get something that is not normal.

Once you know about the differences between the two types of white discharge above, maybe you will know what you should do when experiencing it. If it’s still thin white, it’s a normal thing to happen usually post period. But if it happens thick, then it is in danger and you should be able to detect the cause immediately. The exact cause you can know by consulting with a doctor. But above there are several causes that may or often occur. Well if you already know the cause, treatments that can be used should be based on the cause of the white smelly discharge.