What Are White, Yellow and Brown Smelly Discharge?

Have you ever the term smelly discharge? For some people, this is a term that is commonly heard and delivered in many sources whether the television media or the internet. What exactly is meant by the term? Although there are many terms are delivered and often heard, but there are many who still do not know what actually meant by. Well actually based on information obtained from many sources, this is a disease that usually attacks women. Usually, the disease is in the genital area such as the vagina. A woman suffering from this disease will get a smell of the vagina, and even some other things that do not wear so it needs to be treated immediately.

The Impact of Smelly Discharge

The problem of smelly discharge is one of the most disturbing in women and even 65 percent of women have experienced the problem. Although it can be regarded as a regular health problem, in fact, if left on for a long time, would be a big problem. Therefore most women usually become panicked and immediately look for various ways or solutions to overcome it all. It becomes a natural thing because most women do not want to look stinky. Why? It is because it will affect their confidence. If they are not confident, then there will be worse problems later they face, even some that usually be the impact, including:

  • Marriage relationship
  • Careers and Employment
  • Social Relations
  • New Health Problems

Some of the above points are the main problems that have often been found and felt by many women who have problems with the smelly discharge or vaginal odor. Well if you do not want to get the same impact problem, then you should do a search way to overcome immediately, or for those who have never experienced it, it can be a concern in order to maintain healthy vagina to stay healthy.

The Common Causes of Smelly Discharge

Actually, there are some major causes that cause health problems that occur. During this time many of the people who do not know it and would be better to know it in fact. By knowing the cause, it will be good if you can later find a way that might cause you to understand with some options that exist. So far, sometimes not many people know about it, therefore it is required that you can understand and understand the cause first. As for some of the causes that have been mentioned most often as the causes are as follows:

  • Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Yeast Infection
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Gonorrhea and Chlamydia
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Cervical Cancer

In addition to some of the above, in fact, there are many other factors that may cause causes. During this time many of them who do feel and get something difficult. You can find out some of the causes, and then you can try to resolve them immediately in different ways.

General Types of Smelly Discharge

Type of Smelly Vaginal Discharge

The next thing to note is that there are several types of smelly discharge which during this much attacking female vaginal. Some of these types are indeed the most common and occur in women. You need to know that because that way, it will allow you to find out and adjust to what is there. Overwrite you, which type are you facing? There may be many types of vaginal discharges during this time, and then this will allow you to understand also what solutions should be taken to overcome them. As for some type of smelly discharge which during this happened is as follows that need to know:

  • White smelly discharge

Well, this is one type of smelly discharge that experienced by many people during this time. Many of them have this problem and the main cause is caused by yeast infection. Because the cause is yeast, then you should do something related to the growth of the yeast. For example, you should keep the pH around the vaginal area dry and not moist. Usually, if the vaginal location is in humid condition, then it will be very easy for yeast to grow and more and more. The white color is mostly caused by the presence of yeast in the vaginal fluid.

  • Brown smelly discharge

This is a normal smelly discharge that often occurs at the end of the menstrual cycle period. But if it happens in another period, then you should be careful because it could be it is a problem that happened and worse. Usually, brown smelly discharge is also followed by a bloody though only a little. Well, it’s usually also will be very closely related to pregnancy. Well if this smelly brown followed by other symptoms are more severe and cause odor which is also quite the sting, then you should immediately contact a doctor.

  • Smelly yellow discharge

If the smelly discharge is yellow or green, it is not normal and should be handled immediately. Usually, it is caused by trichomoniasis infection is certainly quite dangerous. Things you should know about the infection, usually it is caused by sexual transmission. If you experience and get the problem, then you should immediately contact your doctor to handle it. In addition, make sure also that you can find out what to do to avoid it. Of course, do not have sex with a non-legal partner that must be considered well carefully till that will help you find know.

Well, that’s what is very important to adjust to what is most important with what is the best. You can find out some facts, types, and how to do what to do to overcome these health problems. You do not have to worry because actually there are various ways that can be done to overcome it all. All you have to do is how to do it properly. If indeed there are many safe ways that can be done, then you should know which is safer and also natural so that no side effects are obtained.