Ways to Getting Rid Of Penis Fishy Odor

Previously we have to know what the causes that cause odor in male genitals are.

Fat Glands

The fat glands in every root of pubes or pubic hair and scalp skin pockets tend to cause unpleasant odors.

Certain types of foods that can trigger the occurrence of excess fat will make the production of fat in the hair root gland more active, consequently, the fat on the roots of pubes hair is also more active and can trigger odor.

A man who is obese indicates a lot of fat content in the root area of the hair, which could trigger an unpleasant odor.

Sex Disease

Some genital diseases can cause bacterial skin infections. For example herpes, syphilis etc.

But the main cause of the smell is:

  1. Less hygiene. Usually, uncircumcised penises are more susceptible to unpleasant odors because the pollutants trapped behind the foreskin are harder to clean.
  2. Sexual infection transmitted by the partner. If the couple has bacterial vaginosis, then the stench that also experienced Ms. V can be transmitted to Mr. P.
  3. Urinary tract infections can also cause urine and drainage through which it smells unpleasant. Because the urinary tract has a tip on Mr. P’s head, it is not surprising that in that part too will smell fishy.
  4. Complications of chronic diseases such as diabetes can also trigger unpleasant odors in Mr. P. Metabolic disorders and excretory systems in people with diabetes make urine contaminated ketones, which is the result of fatty acid decomposition and smells.

Prevention methods are as follows:

Getting Rid Of Penis Fishy OdorAfter urination

Always wash the outside of the genitals with water and soap. For women, flush with water from front side to back and not vice versa. This is to prevent the entry of germs from the rectum into the vagina. For men, just clean it with clean water.

Cleanliness of underwear

Change underwear twice in a day to keep clean. Choose a panty material that can easily absorb sweat, avoid to exchange underwear with other people even whit family, because everyone has a different conditions.

Using public toilets

Spruce before using the toilet, this is to prevent transmission if there are other users are patients with the venereal disease. You should always use the water that comes out through the tap or tissue and avoid the use of the tub/bucket because according to research the water stagnant in public toilets contains 70% of Candida albicans fungus.