Watery Yellow Discharge Causes

Whitish or discharge from the vagina is very common and is something natural, but there are some things to note if the fluid in the vagina becomes more dilute and smelly. Whitish usually occurs due to hormonal changes in women, which can be affected by various things. The frequent occurrence of whiteness leads women to underestimate, but there are some of the whiteness is quite dangerous if left unchecked. The effect that can be generated is sterility, even if it is in a poor condition whitish can grow a bad microorganism in the body, it can cause sexually transmitted diseases and the disease can be deadly.

The fluid that comes out of the vagina is normally white which does not smell bad, but when you get an abnormal vaginal fluid, there is the likelihood of your vagina disorder, generally caused by fungi and bacteria contained in the vagina. Basically, the vagina has the ability to protect it from bad bacteria, but when the immune body is down or for other reasons so that the vagina cannot protect them. Whitish whiteness can be caused by the presence of herpes infection due to injuries in the vagina. If the whitish liquid has a yellow or brownish color, accompanied by blood and bad smell then check immediately, the possibility that symptoms of infectious diseases.

Disorders of vaginal dilute and abnormal can be caused by several things including the following:

  1. Watery Yellow DischargeUnhealthy Food Factors

Food consumed will certainly affect the body, when the food consumed is not healthy it will cause bad side effects in the body, bad effects can cause disease.

  1. Stress Factors

Stress affects the onset of illness, for example when a person is in a depressed condition it will tend to be unable to take care of themselves, many things are neglected, such as not paying attention to nutritional intake, staying up, consuming alcohol or smoking. Bad things will cause illness.

  1. High Sugar Levels

A high sugar level is a disease that is quite deadly because it has invaded organs in the body. Can also cause various other diseases.

  1. Bad Habit

Bad lifestyle is sometimes rarely realized by most people when a person has been accustomed to bad habits it will be difficult for him to change. This bad lifestyle has the potential to cause illness. Having an irregular sleep schedule, eating too much unhealthy food or drink will also have an effect.