Vaginal Odor Yeast Infection

Normal vagina has a good Ph balance, but if the acid levels in the vagina become numerous, then the vagina becomes abnormal because it will cause discomforts such as itching and a little pain, this is often experienced by most women but do not worry this disease is not severe disease, handling can be done simply. The fungus is basically present in our body, but in a limited state because it is limited by the body’s immune so that it remains in the amount needed by the body. When the number of fungi exceeds that required by the body it will arise various kinds of disease in the body.

When balancing the fungus in the body is disturbed then the number of fungi will be numerous and cause problems, below described the factors that affect the balance of fungi in the body:

  1. As we know bacteria are divided into 2, namely good bacteria and bad bacteria, good bacteria serves as a controller of bad bacteria. When we take antibiotics then both of these bacteria will die, if the body condition is bad then the growth of bad bacteria will become faster than good bacteria.
  2. The body has an immune that maintains health in the body when the body’s immune system is disturbed then the seeds of disease in the body will develop because of the absence of immune control. A problematic immune may be caused by an immune attack itself, one of which is a sexually transmitted disease.
  3. Other conditions that can increase the fungus in the vagina are women who have diabetes, women who have diabetes have high blood sugar content, and it can cause the appearance of fungus.

Conditions that must be known is the symptoms caused when a woman suffering from the disease :

  1. The growth of the fungus in the vagina will cause itching when itching avoid to scratch because it will cause injury and infection.
  2. The fungus can cause the vagina to release a thick white liquid, just like a whitish liquid but more viscous.
  3. When exposed to the fungus, the skin in the vagina will experience irritation or minor injuries, can cause pain during urination.
  4. Avoid intercourse for a while, because it will hurt due to injury to the vagina.

Before infected you should do prevention first, mediation can be started from yourself, by maintaining personal hygiene and the environment, familiarize life with good and useful activities.