Three Important Secret Which Can Be Done at Home for Vaginal Odor Treatment

Being a woman is not just enough beautiful but should also be clean and fragrant. In the present era a myriad of treatments for female body parts like nails, hair, body, and also vaginal sex organs. Taking care of the vagina cannot be taken lightly and done in a desultory. This is because many bacteria that may grow in the female sex was giving rise to whitish, bv smells not good, and even infection. It is important to keep the vaginal odor.

Treatments performed in salons can be quite a drain bag, of course. Who would have thought we could do a vaginal odor treatment with homeopathic ingredients that are natural and chemical-free? How to take care of the vagina so that it always healthy and fragrant all day in a way that can be done at home? Let’s check this out.

Before that, we have to know the natural odor of vaginal discharge is normal. How the smell of your vagina normal? Every woman has a pussy that smells different and distinctive. Usually, the vagina’s normal it has smell sour. The smell of this acid has a function to kill bad bacteria that could cause the vagina is infected.

Keep in mind, the smell of rotten or fishy vaginal odor is not on the natural from the vagina. If you have a vaginal odor like it that means there is something wrong with your vagina. This can be caused by a number of possibilities such as bacterial infections, do not replace the pads in a long time, not true in cleaning the vagina, or due to venereal disease.

how can i get rid of fishy odor

There are three main ways that can be done at home so that the vagina stay fragrant throughout the day.

  1. Change the bad habits

Bad habits are sometimes purposefully carried out turned out to be one factor causes the vagina smelling unpleasant. The bad habit such as lack of change pads and panty liner in a long time. A good time to replace them at least 4 hours. In addition, it is important to wash the vagina correctly, one by replacing the special SOAP for washing the vagina become baby SOAP, because it does not contain alcohol and perfumes.

Many advertisement products to make the vagina feels fragrant of fruits or flowers. But in fact, the original odor of vaginal acid is hard to disappear anyway because that’s the smell of its trademark.

Excessive usage to get maximal results are certainly not recommended because such products contain many chemicals that are not good for a woman’s intimate area and also not good for bv smells

  1. Set the dampness to not overdo it and keep it dry

Why? Of course, circumstances can become the humid hotbed of bacteria and germs can easily depression in women’s intimate areas can also lead to infection in the vagina. Change your panties if it’s wet and especially if it is not comfortable to wear. Wear panties with a fabric that is easy to absorb sweat so that vagina would not easily.

  1. V-Steam

V-Steam comes from Indonesia. The country is indeed rich in herbs and spices. People in ancient times in Indonesia use these spices to various types of treatment and care. One of them is V-Steam or “rates”. This is the type of fogging with spices with a variety of benefits one of which overcome the unpleasant odor in the vagina area. The trick is to boil the ingredients like water, betel leaf, cinnamon, and cloves. Then squatted on it to get the steam or smoke during 10-15 hours.

So home remedy for vaginal odor treatment. It turns out that the bad habit which became the major factor bv smells. Also V-Steam that does no harm to try. Happy trying!