The dangers of Foul vaginal discharge for women

Foul vaginal discharge is harming for a woman, it’s because of the foul discharge coming out of your vagina. Did you know that vaginal discharge as it was dangerous for women!


All women, of course, have experienced such thing as vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge is a discharge of liquid from her vagina and it usually occurs when changes in the menstrual cycle. This can be said to be normal if not causing any effect. But if there is itching, heat, inflammation or foul discharge, foul it sign you experience abnormal vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is divided into 2 parts. First there was the normal vaginal discharge, secondly, there is abnormal vaginal discharge.

A variety of vaginal discharge

Normal vaginal discharge

Normal vaginal discharge is harmless. This vaginal discharge typically occurs every month before or after menstruation. It can also occur when experiencing stress, tiredness, or food. While such conditions women will experience vaginal discharge with mucus that is white or clear and does not cause itching or discharge foul.

Abnormal vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is included in the category of diseases due to caused by bacteria, fungi or parasites that thrive on the vagina. Of course, it is harmful to public health or women’s reproductive health, the hallmark of this vaginal discharge is the existence of the fluid discharge colored yellow to greenish, itching in the vaginal lips, the heat in the vagina giving rise to red blotches so it will be poignant during urination. As for the cause of foul vaginal discharge include the following:

The cause of the occurrence of vaginal discharge

  1. Less vaginal hygiene.
  2. Does not immediately change the bandage while menstruating.
  3. Wearing tight panties.
  4. The environment is dirty.
  5. A pattern of unhealthy life.

After finding out the cause of the foul vaginal discharge, we also need to know how to resolve it. Below there is a way to avoid the dangers of foul vaginal discharge.

How to cope with vaginal discharge

how to use vagina washer

  1. Always pay attention to the cleanliness of the vagina, with the wash panties to clean and never swapped briefs with others.
  2. Increase the resistance of the body. Increase the durability of the body by way of regular exercise and drinking vitamins such as vitamin c.
  3. Set the pattern of eating. eat healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables.
  4. Clean the vagina in the right direction. The right direction when rinsing the vagina is from the front to the rear or from the vagina to the anus.
  5. Do not wear panties are tight because it can make the vagina becomes damp and itchy.

Keep clean the vagina is important for women to avoid the dangers of foul vaginal discharge that can cause a variety of ailments. Therefore please begin your vaginal hygiene care.