The benefit of garlic for bacterial vaginal odor

The Bacterial vaginal odor is disrupted and making a woman feel not confident. It could be an indication of health problems on the vagina.

The presence of bacterial vaginal odor is actually a reasonable thing because the bacterium plays an important role in caring for the health of the vagina. However, if the amount is excessive, these bacteria will cause an unpleasant smell. If it happens it’s like it’s not just the smell unpleasant, but will appear in other symptoms such as itching, pain, even to light bleeding. Many ways to avoid all that, one of them with garlic. This is one of the natural ways are easy, inexpensive but will no doubt its usefulness.

garlic for bacterial vaginalGarlic is known as the main seasoning in terms of cooking. Not only that garlic also has perks that can cure a variety of diseases one can make bacteria and odor in the vagina. The benefit of garlic for bacterial vaginal odor may be a little strange to our ears, one clove of garlic can overcome it. Below there is a way to remove bacteria and vaginal odor.

How to make use of garlic for health

  1. prepare one clove of fresh garlic medium-sized peeled her skin then wash.
  2. cut the garlic into three or more parts.
  3. You can simply eat it or mix it with your favorite foods.

After knowing the way that bacterial vaginal odor is missing, you should also know what needs to be avoided in order for the bacteria that cause the smell did not return again.

How to prevent odors caused by bacteria so as not to return

  1. always a desirable cleanliness of the vagina.
  2. avoid wearing pants that are too tight because it will cause the skin difficult to breathe, finally the skin becomes moist and bacteria will thrive.
  3. do not wash the vagina using SOAP or soaps containing chemicals, we recommend that you use the special SOAP that has a PH balanced
  4. When menstruation should replace pads as much as 4-6 times a day to keep the bacteria do not develop and the vagina clean.

Garlic for bacterial vaginal odor has indeed proven to be beneficial, but it would be nice to always keep clean. Because vaginal hygiene affects many things one of which is fertility, therefore, engage in routine care as well as the pattern healthy living patterns such as keeping food intake and exercise. By doing all that no more bacteria vaginal odor.