Smelly Discharge During Pregnancy, What Causes and Is It Normal?

Have you ever heard smelly discharge during pregnancy? Perhaps for women who have already been pregnant, it has become a matter of course. Moreover, based on research turned out to show that the whiff of fishy smell during pregnancy usually occurs in 65 percent of pregnant women. In other words, can be said if the phenomenon becomes a common thing happens and is often experienced by pregnant women even at the younger age even though. It then usually invites questions especially for young women who first got pregnant, they asked whether the phenomenon is normal or not?

The Causes of Smelly Discharge Status

Before you know whether normal or not, you should know well what cause of the smelly white vaginal discharge is? Because not all women experience it, then you should try to find some causes so that other women can know especially those who just got married and will get pregnant. Based on the results of research so far found that there are several causes that cause the emergence of the problem of smelly discharge while pregnancy. What are the causes? Actually, there are some things that because it to happen so then it will make you know what and how can be done at the time will overcome it. Each different cause would require different handling so it needs to search information about the cause first. Well usually the causes are as follows:

  • Hormonal

Pregnancy will change some things in your body, including hormonal changes to help the baby’s development in the womb. Estrogen and progesterone are secreted by the body to facilitate the formation of the placenta in the cervix and nourish the infant. In addition, prolactin acts as a milk gland to prepare the body that will breastfeed. Hormonal activity in the body triggers increased secretion in the vagina that makes the odor.

  • Food

What you eat during pregnancy can also be a vaginal factor smells unpleasant. Types of foods that can cause odorless vaginal secretions include milk and garlic. So that Miss V does not smell during pregnancy, maybe you can consider to away from foods that cause the vagina smells unpleasant.

  • Infection

Besides, vaginal infections are also a cause of whitish fishy odor during pregnancy. For example, there is a yeast infection caused due to the increase in natural fungal populations during pregnancy. In addition to odor, this infection also causes itching in the vaginal area. This infection is dangerous and poses a risk to the baby in the womb. However, basically, this infection can be treated with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.

The Debate of Smelly Discharge Status

As for the question, it turns out to be a debate both publicly and even among health professionals. Some of them say if the phenomenon is normal and normal. But there are some others who say and assume that the phenomenon is not normal and shows a problem in the organ or vaginal area of women.

  • Normal: Experts who say if the phenomenon of smelly discharge while pregnancy as a natural thing because it is during pregnancy, blood circulation in the vaginal area higher. It was also supported by hormonal growth is also high so it can provide greater results. Because normal, then you should not be so worried about it actually.
  • Not normal: Meanwhile experts who say that the smelly discharge is not normal because the vaginal area should be clean and healthy without the odor. If the area is a problem such as smell, yeast, and others, then it can be ascertained if there is a problem that occurs. Some even say it addresses the symptoms of a more serious illness.

Although some say that the problem is normal, most require women to remain vigilant. Why be wary? Yes because feared there will be other problems that will occur which will give you bigger and more dangerous problems. If there is a more serious problem with unnatural signs, it is advisable to contact your doctor immediately. Even though the condition is still within reasonable limits, but still advised to immediately take action to treat the disease. Of course, there are many ways that can be done to overcome the problem to get back soon and get rid vaginal odor far away and never come back again.

How to Get Ride Smelly Vaginal Discharge?

Well then after that all you have to know is about how you can solve that problem. Whether it’s normal or not, but it should if you immediately remove the problem from within the vagina. Why? Because if you live in a long time, it will be bad and can be in accordance with some bad effect you can get. Thus, there are some ways you can do actually till then you will find the vaginal area to be healthy again without odor.

  • Warning

Things that may also often asked is about when to go to the doctor? Yes, if it is still normal, you should not have to see a doctor, but if something is not normal anymore, and then it’s good if you try to contact a doctor.

  • Treatment

Meanwhile, for the treatment process, there are actually several ways that can be done and some materials that can be used. Anything and how to solve it all? Usually, you are not advised to take drugs but using liquid, such as antifungal medications.

  • Prevention

For other women who have never experienced such problems, it is advisable to do prevention. The question is how the best prevention you can do. Everything can help you get the best choice and most likely to promise later.

The problem of smelly discharge is indeed one of the most frequently experienced special by those who have married. Sometimes the smell discharge occurs in women who are pregnant. If you are pregnant and experiencing the problem, do not worry because there are several ways to do. Some of the above ways ranging from the warning, treatment, and prevention are important to do especially for the kind of smelly discharge during pregnancy first trimester.