Ovulation Smells Fishy

Ovulation Smells Fishy. Did you know that our vaginal odor is a big change for our couples? It’s like a pheromone of sexual attraction that awakens our boyfriends or husbands at some point.

Yes, vaginal odor is natural and every woman has a different smell. Occasionally, a woman may be more self-conscious about the smell her body is emitting. But there should not be any cause for concern, when it is not perceptible by others.

The smell of a healthy vagina is a specific odor that is a mixture of secretions from the sebaceous and apocrine sweat glands of the vulva and vaginal discharge. It is neither dirty nor unpleasant.

Do you realize that changes in vaginal odor is related to the days of the menstrual cycle? I have notice that it is soft and very pleasant (musk) the smell at all the time of ovulation and very penetrating right, before and after menstruation. The smell is also stronger after sexual intercourse.

All right, then we go with what causes discomfort or smelly vaginal odor:

Ovulation Smells Fishy

Poor Vaginal Hygiene

Europeans and Japanese often have bidets in their homes, hotels and public restrooms. A bidet is a porcelain capsule, where one astride so that a stream of hot water to flow through the genital and anal region after urination and bowel movement. This is an excellent way to clean the folds and crevices of the genitals.

In the absence of a bidet, it is best to clean the private part with wet wipes or soft tissues after urinating and wiping from front to back after bowel movement and then rinse the anal and vaginal area with water.


Cleaning with baby wipes or rinsing the intimate area with water before placing fresh pads or tampons can usually eliminate the strong vaginal odor caused by menstruation.


Wear underwear protectors and change frequently to get rid of the foul smell of the leaks. Again use baby wipes every time you change the linings.

Vaginal infection

The common symptoms of infection are abnormal vaginal discharge, itching, redness and swelling.

Inside the vagina: douching

Douching with cleansers and deodorants can cause depletion of bacteria in the reproductive tract that results in bacterial vaginosis, which releases a bad odor.

By adopting good vaginal hygiene habits, female odor should not be a concern for most women.

However, if the strong vaginal odor is affecting your relationship with your husband or social life, then Vagi-Calma, a homeopathic remedy can help eliminate vaginal odor. It is also one of the effective remedies for vaginal itching.