Overcoming Smelly White Vaginal Discharge And Odor In Women Naturally

Every woman must have experienced the name of vaginal odor and smelly white vaginal discharge. It makes women worry and uncomfortable. Although not a disease that causes death, if this continues to be left and not addressed properly, then the vaginal odor is usually caused by viruses and bacteria will cause other diseases that will harm. Before consulting an expert doctor, women who experience this disorder can try natural treatments that can be done alone at home.

Keeping and paying attention to the cleanliness of underwear,

Factors that must be considered to keep the intimate organs clean the area of ​​the vagina is to maintain the cleanliness of underwear. Avoid tight underwear and made of synthetic material, preferably using looser underwear made of cotton. This is necessary for the vaginal area to be maintained from moisture so that bacteria and fungi do not develop and cause odor and whitish that can also cause itching in the vaginal area.

Drinking warm ginger,

Natural content found in ginger is useful to ward off bacteria and infection by viruses. Compounds in ginger rhizome can also be used to fight bacteria that develop in the vaginal area. The trick is to drink ginger grated decoction, can also mix it with a little honey for the best results.

Consuming Yogurt,Overcoming Smelly White Vaginal Naturally

As we know, the content of probiotics in yogurt is very good for health. In addition to digestion and can be used to whiten the face, yogurt can also be used to overcome the disruption that occurs in the vagina. Good bacteria found in yogurt in the fight against viruses and bacteria that cause leucorrhea and odor in this area of ​​femininity. The trick is to routinely consume yogurt every day, it is useful to maintain and balance the condition of reproductive organs from the body.

Reduce oily foods,

The next way you can do is to reduce and avoid foods that contain fat and excess oil. This is very important because foods that contain excess fat will worsen and make vaginal whiteness and odor worse. Foods that contain excess oil can slow the metabolism that occurs in the body and causes hormones are not balanced.

Exercising Yoga

Yoga is widely selected as a solution by women to overcome the problem of whiteness. In yoga, there are many exercises that can control and balance blood circulation in the vaginal area. Not only that, some exercises in yoga can also control and control the ability of reproductive organs. By doing yoga on a regular basis can maintain the health of the vagina and the health of the whole body from the inside and outside of smelly yellow discharge.