Indication and Cause of Gonorrhea Smell Vagina Discharge

Not confident with your husband, time would perform sexual intercourse is the least preferred. Already use SOAP but still smell vagina? Learn about premenstrual gonorrhea smell, some women are difficult to identify why your vagina smell and slimy, for symptoms that appear there, are similarities with vaginal discharge caused by Candida SP. A virus so some women are hard to guess her infection.


The following are some of the symptoms that appear on women:

  • Fever
  • Frequency urination are quite often Heat, pain when urinating
  • Get out the liquid from vagina (watery, resembles a creamy, slightly greenish)
  • The emergence of blood spotting or bleeding when menstruation is not being
  • Pain when performing sexual intercourse
  • The pain is also felt in the lower abdomen or pelvic pain
  • Swelling of the vulva
  • The burning or heat in the throat (when already doing oral sex)

gonorrhea dischargeThe above points are a symptom of premenstrual gonorrhea vagina, if there are symptoms such as the above, immediately consult a physician. If not immediately treated it can serious and permanent health problems in both men and women, such as the risk of vision loss, kidney failure, for women, the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease in women, chronic joint pain. Infection sometimes spreads through the bloodstream to one or several joints, the joints become swollen and very painful, so that its movement becomes limited. Infection through the bloodstream can also cause the onset of red spots containing pus on the skin, fever, malaise or pain in multiple joints that move from one joint to the other joints.

Maintaining healthy vagina is either to prevent because if it happens it would be hard to be healed, keep your panties to keep it dry is also a way to prevent premenstrual syndrome because of the vagina, vaginal forms many folds so easily got damp.

Vaginal discharge is a very infectious disease sex recognizable marked as described above. We recommend that you investigate gonorrhea regularly if you have a high risk of contracting for example if you ever suffer from gonorrhea or other sexually transmitted infections in the past, or if you have a new partner, or if you have a lot of sex partner and Consult the doctor for couples wishing to get married, it is feared one of the pairs of you have this disease. Feel free and feel free to ask, to prevent more easily than a treat. Hopefully useful!