How to Treat Vaginal Itching & Swelling

Symptoms that often arise associated with swollen and itchy vaginal problems is the shaving or removal of pubic hair, pubic hairs are revoked will cause infection in the pubic area due to the removal of hair roots, can also because often shave and cause injury to the skin of the vagina. However, the condition occurs between 3 to 4 weeks. If within a period of more than 1 month can be ascertained the complaint is not related to the lifting or sizing of pubic hair but caused by other diseases. Can be caused by personal hygiene factors, use of cosmetics or other beauty tools can also be caused by bad habits.

Above described causes of itching and swelling of the vagina caused by the removal or shaving of pubic hair, below will be described other factors that can also cause itching and swell in the vagina.

  1. Everyone has different skin conditions; of course, this situation affects the chemicals we use, because it does not fit the use of body lotion, sanitary napkins, cleanser, soap etc. Can also cause infection of the skin.
  2. Irregularly changing panties, or not drying the vagina area when finished defecation will cause the area of the vagina moist and cause the appearance of fungus.
  3. More worrying is if the infection comes from a bacterial infection that lodges in the vagina, it is usually caused by bad habits and does not pay attention to the cleanliness of the vagina.
  4. In addition to internal factors, the cause can also be generated from internal factors of sexually transmitted disease, if our partner has been infected then avoid intercourse because it can transmit the disease in our bodies

Prevention of itching and swelling of the vagina can be done by doing some things, which will be explained below.

  1. The most important thing to do is to keep your sex organs are always in a clean, and take time to pay more attention to it.
  2. Moisture of the vagina can cause fungus, avoid it by keeping the vagina dry, when after bathing or defecating.
  3. Wash the vagina in the right way from front to back, not vice versa, to prevent impurities from the anus from entering the vagina.
  4. Avoid tight clothes can also help the health of the vagina, clothing that is too small can close the pores of the skin and clog blood flow when used then the skin will be moist because there is no air circulation.