How to Overcome Smelly White Vaginal Discharge

smelly vaginal discharge can be a bad problem for an intimate area of women. Intimate organ health is very important for a woman. Not only will disrupt the daily activities, when women have problems with sex organs then it will also be very embarrassing. Healthy lifestyle and food intake are one of the factors causing healthy intimate organ. One of the sex organ diseases that are often complained of women is vaginal discharge and odor in the vaginal area. However, most of the women do not think that vaginal discharge and odor is a serious and dangerous disease. Due to the lack of information, women tend to ignore and let this disease.

This vaginal discharge is a fluid that comes out of the vagina beside the menstrual cycle. The cause of this disease of smelly white discharge varies. One of them is due to the infection of viruses, germs, and bacteria or also because of indications and signals from other diseases related to female organs and uterus. For married women, vaginal discharge and odor is a very serious thing and must be addressed and treated. If it is not immediately addressed, it will affect the relationship of intimacy and harmony in marriage.

Tips to overcome vaginal discharge and odor

Taking into account the intake of nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits and exercise properly and regularly can help prevent and overcome this disease. In addition, women who experience vaginal discharge and odor should also pay attention to these things;

  • Avoid washing the vagina with a cleaning fluid,

Currently, it is very easy to find cleaning fluid for the vagina. From store to shop, you can find cleaning fluid for vagina. However, using cleaning fluid for the vagina should be avoided, as it turns out that the use of this cleaning fluid will increase the potential of leucorrhoea. The chemicals contained in this cleanser will kill the good bacteria and will damage the pure found in the vagina.

  • Eat bananas regularly,

The content of vitamins found in bananas will help you reduce leucorrhoea. By eating two bananas per-day then your vagina will be spared from whitish and odor. In addition, bananas are also beneficial for digestion and potassium contained in this fruit will help keep your heart function healthy.

  • Drink apple cider vinegar

The next thing you can try to overcome and treat vaginal discharge and odor is to consume apple cider vinegar. The ingredients contained in apple cider vinegar can overcome the vaginal discharge and odor caused by bacteria. The trick is to drink apple cider vinegar is added with a little honey. If this is done regularly, then you can get the best and maximum results to treat vaginal discharge and smelly vaginas.