How to Maintain pH of Vagina Area with Apple Cider Vinegar BV

Bacterial vaginosis this one of women’s problem occurs due to disruption of the balance of bacteria in the vagina and the most common course this problem for women childbearing age. This conditioning also causes vaginal itching and pain and sore when urinating. Main Symptoms bacterial vaginosis is whitish with a watery texture and gray or white, sometimes the vaginal discharge smells very fishy, especially after has sexual intercourse with her husband. This problem showing balances of the womens vagina caused by bacteria that must be cured with apple cider vinegar bacterial vaginosis.

This condition makes women not comfortable life, not confidence if can do and after sexual intercourse, because of her vaginal smells very fishy. Another problem in sexual intercourse with her husband is feeling paint which is not comfortable, which can disrupt relationship with her husband impact to household harmony. Sexuality one of essential need or primary need of people in her life.

The balance of bacteria in the vagina needs to be maintained to avoid various sexually transmitted diseases. The balance of bacterial vaginosis can be maintained the acidity of the vaginal pH such as avoiding the use of spiral contraceptives, sexual pairing pairs, cleaning the vagina by spraying. Cleaning the vagina by spraying will make the vaginal pH unbalanced with apple cider vinegar bath for bv. Unbalanced pH leads to a decrease in the number of lactobacillus bacteria, the bacteria are good bacteria that can inhibit the growth of bad bacteria. One effort to keep the pH in the vagina so that a number of bacteria lactobacillus remain in sufficient quantities needs to maintain the condition of vaginal acidity. Efforts to keep the vaginal pH with apple vinegar, the steps are as follows.

Preparation of Materials

Before use apple vinegar for treating balance of bacteria vaginosis, materials to be prepared ie glass and spoon. Put two spoons of apple vinegar in a glass then stir it evenly.

How to Use Apple Vinegar to Maintain the Balance of Bacterial Vaginosis

First, mix two cups of apple cider vinegar in a glass, after stir with the spoon pours in warm water in the bath. Soak in it for about 20 minutes. Follow this treatment several times a week to get quick results. Secon, you can also drink a glass of water mixed with one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar daily.

Based on the above explanation, the importance of women maintain vaginal health. One keeps vaginal health by using apple vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has good anti-bacterial properties, and therefore, is an effective home remedy for vaginal odor removal. Apple cider vinegar also helps in regaining the acid properties of the vagina, being able to balance the vaginal pH and be able to remove the bad smell that must be cured with apple cider vinegar bv.