How to Lower Vaginal pH to Get Rid of White Discharge

The problem of white discharge become one of the is one of the female health issues in the vagina. Many consider if this is a common health problem because it often occurs in women. However, not all women experience the problem; only a few of them who are married, pregnant and even had childbearing. But indeed if continue to be left, would make less confident and also can make you uncomfortable. Therefore it takes a way of how to get rid of white discharge through the best and safe way.

Vaginal pH is very important affects the problem of vaginal discharge. Therefore you should be as much as possible to maintain the vagina properly and correctly so as to get things that really fit. Therefore, you need to find some ways about how to lower vaginal ph because it’s the main problem you have to know.

Clean the vagina with warm water – The first way you can do is to clean the vagina, especially on the vulva. You can clean it regularly by using warm water. Why warm water? It aims to kill germs and bacteria and also so that pH moisture is no longer acidic. There is also a suggestion to use a special soap and some are advised not to use it because it is dangerous.

White Watery Vaginal DischargeAvoid using douching methods – Furthermore, during this many who recommend that you do not use douching method. Why is that? Yes because it will be very difficult for you to recover and have a normal ph. Sometimes the use of fragrances for the vagina fluid did not give a positive effect but instead have a negative impact.

Replace the tampon during menstruation – Also make sure to replace the tampon as often as possible especially when it is lubricating. It is important that your vagina remains in a normal and stable pH condition so that the acidity level is not too high. If everything is higher, then, of course, this will make it hard for you to get the good condition on the part of your vagina so easy to get vaginal discharge.

Use condoms during intercourse – Another way you can also do are to use a condom during sexual intercourse. Sometimes there are many diseases that arise caused by this sexual relationship because it is easily contagious. Well for you reduce the risk of getting a variety of vaginal discourse, and then it’s good if you can get it.

Thus some easy ways to lower the pH of the vagina easily, as well as to be the best way of how to get rid of white discharge.