How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor Naturally

The smell of the vagina is normal for women, and not all of the odors are bad. The first thing to do is to know the cause of the smell, whether it is still in the normal category or there are health problems that cause the smell, cleansing the vaginal area with soap is also an unfavorable step, the vagina will get dry and loses its natural moisture.

Various ways can be done to eliminate the odor. Can use chemicals, although sometimes have adverse side effects on the body, can use herbal remedies, the healing process by using herbal medicine is not faster than chemical drugs, however herbal remedies do not have bad side effects, and the last is how our habits in maintaining the cleanliness of the vaginal area, such as shaving pubic hair, dressing pads, also pay attention to the material underwear.

The ways that can be done to eliminate odor in the vagina include:


  • By Using Herbs
  • Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar can balance the acid-base in the body, it can be used to remove the odor of the vagina because not a balance of the acid-base, the way is quite easy by mixing two tablespoons of apple vinegar in 1 warm water scoop, then washed it into the vagina, do 2 times in 1 day.

  • Betel Leaf

Betel leaf contains eugenol and antiseptic useful to eradicate the germs that cause stinging smell in the vagina. Processing is very simple boil 5-10 a betel leaf in 350 cc water then let the water until half of it. Then rinse the vagina with boiled water betel leaves that are cold every morning and before bed. Do it 3 times a week.

  • Always Do Good Habit
  • Warm Water Bath

The warm water bath will provide a relaxing effect in the body because the muscles are tense will start bending, it also will reduce symptoms if you have started infected.

  • Wearing Fragrances

When the onset of infection symptoms, there will be chemical changes in the vaginal area, the most striking thing is the vagina will give off unpleasant odors, although it is not recommended to use women’s health sprays, fragrances or sow powder on the vagina, because it will only aggravate infection of the vagina.

  • Wearing off Tight Pants

Wearing too tight pants or underwear will make the skin pores become blocked if the skin sweat the vagina area will be moist because there isn’t air circulation. And worse, the skin that rubs against the fabric will cause more severe injuries and infections.