How to Get Rid of Strong Vaginal Odor after Sex

There are many causes of vaginal odor, and one of them can also be caused by sexual activity. If you feel vaginal odor after sex, then you should immediately find how to get rid of vaginal odor after sex. Sex activity is different from one to another so that there may be a bad impact and cannot be very diverse. If you often do sex activities and then never experienced it before, there may be some other problems that exist in the vaginal organ. Thus, it should be and should be for you to pay attention to all that with consideration in order to find a way to treat and overcome them.

Having a vaginal odor problem will be very disturbing and make women become not confident. This can also interfere with family harmony because it will be very disturbing during intercourse activities. Men will be inferior to approach you let alone have to hold oral sex activities are mostly preferred by women. Therefore it has become a necessity for women to seek answers to the problem by looking for ways to avoid it and treat it. There are many ways that are commonly done so far, and you can try to find one of the easiest, effective and certainly safe.

The Possible-Common Causes of Vaginal Odor after Sex

Actually, in the event of vaginal odor after sex, it is not solely caused by sexual intercourse activity is but caused by several other factors. As for the role of sex usually, only accelerate or bring up the vaginal odor easily. Usually, there are so many factors that cause the problem. What is the problem? Actually, there are some specific problems that are often the main problem which is then raised quickly after sex.

  • Excessive Sweating

Sexual activity sometimes becomes a tiring thing because there are physical movements performed. Some even say that this can be part of the sport. Well, one of the effects of the sport that happens is usually sweating. Similarly, during sexual intercourse, there are some couples who sweat. If sweating, then it will have an impact on body odor, even it could be problematic on vaginal odor as well.

  • Topical medication penis left in the vagina

To increase sexual intercourse satisfaction, usually, men use some products to make penis durable. One of them is to use a special topical drug, it will certainly add to the erection endurance. But do you know that if it is left inside the vagina, then there will be a bad risk that may happen? In fact, it could be one factor of the vaginal odor was actually caused by it. Therefore it is better before use; the penis is cleaned first well-carefully.

  • Hormonal Changes

Furthermore, vaginal odor is also very likely to occur due to the hormonal change. Usually, when estrogen hormone increases, this can cause a lot of fluid that is in the vaginal organ. Then it gets worse when friction occurs due to penetration of the penis in the vagina. Sometimes there are also wounds that then enter the bacteria or yeast that eventually arise other problems such as leucorrhea and others.

Get Rid of a Vaginal Odor after Sex through These Ways

However, you should not be worried actually because there will always be ways to overcome them. There are several things that can be done as a stepped treatment of the problem actually. If you can do all the process well, then it will also be very able to provide everything with special attention. If you do not know what to do, you should try to do something that can give you a chance to win against it. Anything and how the way it meant? Here are some ways you can do it carefully:

  • Keep Vaginal Hygiene

The first and foremost thing you should do is to make sure that the vagina is clean. Hygienist becomes very important part especially for the external part of genitalia. After sexual intercourse activity is done, then you can be sure to find the best and the right choice. You can clean it with warm water and a special liquid but do not use regular soap because it will actually be bad for your intimate organs.

  • Use underwear Only After Sex

After sex, you should only use underwear only or even not at all. Why? Yes because if you use a closed dress, then the moisture in the sex organs will occur so that the pH becomes increased. It will greatly allow the fungus to grow and may even cause vaginal odor problems in the organ. Furthermore, you also need to replace the underwear with a regular and should not use tight underwear.

  • Consumer Diet Remedies

Another thing you should also not forget is to pay attention to food and beverages consumed. Actually, there are healthy diet ingredients that you can consume. Some of them can be in the form of traditional natural herbs, fruits, and other foods. Some of them you can eat Foods high in vitamin C, yogurt, tea tree oil and many others who have been believed to overcome the problem of vaginal odor.

  • Do healthy sex activities

In doing sex activities, you should only focus on healthy activities only. Sometimes a lot of couples who do unhealthy activities and you should avoid it. Why should be avoided? Yes because there are many negative and negative impacts that you can get. Some that should be avoided is the change of partner, oral sex, and many other things as well. Do it all reasonable to avoid some sex problems such as vaginal intercourse.

Vaginal odor can indeed be caused by unhealthy sex activity so it is important to pay attention to some problems that exist. Well, above are some of the factors that are triggered by sex and some things you can also do to avoid it. Make sure for you to read some information carefully till then you will find know about what must do for avoiding the vaginal odor, even you can find know how to get rid of the strong vaginal odor.