How to Get Rid of Smelly Discharge Thick and Clear Naturally

Many consider that smelly discharge is common and need not be feared. Is that right? Yes, many people even including experts who have been considered it as a matter of course that need to find know how to get rid of smelly discharge naturally. You may believe in the phrase and not be so worried, but the problem is whether you will remain comfortable with the smell of your vagina? Of course, it will not be possible to make comfortable, even that sometimes this makes you and other women also feel inferior and not confident. In the end, they will also face problems with their lives whether private or social. Do not others, her own husband alone usually does not want to be close to her.

Types of Smelly Discharge

It is known that there are so many variations and also the type of smelly discharge. Sometimes you are confused to know what type and type and how the shortcomings. Though women should understand well some of these types so that they can know about what kind and then can be taken action to overcome them. Sometimes there is a difference between the type of smell discharge with each other. Therefore, try to you know well first the types that exist. However, in general, it is very easy to distinguish it because there are at least two types of smelly discharges namely:

  • Clear Smelly Discharge

Clear smelly discharge is this is the discharge wherein the vagina there is a clear liquid and actually, this is normal. But there are indeed some conditions that if left for a long time, will actually be a bad risk for your vaginal health. In other words, although initially normal, clear smelly discharge is still problematic because of the odor that smells that will interfere with the activity.

  • Thick Smelly Discharge

Next is the thick smelly discharge where there is vaginal discharge in the vagina coupled with a fairly thick liquid. It happened because maybe the problem of discharge at vagina already exist in the advanced stage so that need to do handling immediately. If not, then it is feared will even be worse that could eventually cause you even get into trouble and problems that endanger the sex organs or even your life.

Actually, in addition to some of the above types, there are several types of smelly vaginal discharge as well. Some others are usually named based on the type of color in the discharge. Some of them are yellow, brown, white, and many other discharges. Even there are even brown and also any other color as well as. But overall those of the smelly discharge can be divided into two namely thick and also clear.

How to Get Rid Naturally

After knowing about some types of smelly discharge above, then the much asked next is about how actually the process of eliminating the problem properly and correctly. It’s not that hard as long as you know what you should do. If you really want to eliminate these health problems safely and without side effects, then one of the things you should do is how to get rid of everything properly and correctly. There are many natural ways that actually have been tried and used as a solution to eliminate the unpleasant problem. Well, what can we do that? Quite easy, here are some of the things that are meant in fact:

Practice Gentle Hygiene

The most important thing to do first is to practice or live a healthy lifestyle. This is usually very closely related to the pattern and the way you live. There are many things related to the problem of smelly discharge actually, one of them is often caused by unhealthy lifestyle even until also caused by unhealthy sex patterns as well. Therefore, you should practice some things related to healthy patterns, especially those closely related to the diseases of the smelly discharge. What’s that? Here are some things that can be done!

  • Replace the underwear periodically
  • Don’t use tight and thick underwear
  • Use a safe douche in vagina
  • Wash genital areas before and after intercoursethoroughly
  • Don’t use body spray perfume
  • Be sure for Adequate hydration

Consume Traditional Herbal Remedies

The next natural way that can be done is to consume some traditional herbs or herbs. As you know there are actually many herbal ingredients you can use and consume. The most important thing is actually where you should be able to find some other options that can then lead you to safer results. Until now as we know that there are many who have started trying to consume these herbal ingredients because it can be considered to overcome the problem. Well, what materials can be consumed? Well just follow this is a reliable traditional herbal ingredient that you can consume.

  • Garlic
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Basil
  • betel leaf, etc

Well, that’s actually natural ingredients that you can try to use and consume or use. But you have to remember that this one material is a very important material to be used because it has a good content. However, its role is only limited to the support of the natural way to keep the above hygiene so it really gives a perfect result later. Even as it is known that the ingredients are already entering the testing phase first so that will be better later.

The problem of smelly discharges sometimes is not very wearing, many are complaining about this disease. Although it is basically a normal problem in the vagina, if left for a long time, of course, it becomes one that is not good. Even some of them get serious problems after they let the smelly discharge. Well, above there are some explanations about the smelly discharge types with some things that you can do next. Good treatment should be done in a natural way. Well, other than that a good treatment is also done by taking into account the problem type of the problem. Thus, then you will know what problems are overwritten and how to overcome them, so with the clear or thick white smelly discharge.