How to Get Rid of Female Odor Fast

The smell in the genital area is very disturbing, discomfort will appear. Various treatments were performed but the results obtained were very slow, while the smell of the odor also got worse. The following is a brief explanation for eliminating odor in women using herbs, it is very easy to do at home, and requires only a few ingredients, but very nutritious to remove odor in the vagina.

  1. Salt Water

Salt can eliminate itch and bacteria effectively because it is antibacterial. Wash Miss V with concentrated salt water every time it itches. This will create relief and prevent further bacterial proliferation.

  1. Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and Fruits that we often consume contain many great benefits to the health of the body; therefore in addition to using drugs to treat various diseases, consume Vegetables and Fruits on a regular basis can also help cure the disease from within. Like regularly consuming carrots will work to be the healthier eye, vitamin C content in oranges can help prevent cancer, help mood, and reduce the risk of heart attack and blood pressure.

For female odor complaints on female intimate organs caused by bacteria on the vaginal surface, it can be helped by consuming apples; apples are acidic, which can also help maintain the acidic bases in the vagina.

  1. Black Walnut Leather

Black walnut leather contains high levels of tannins that have strong anti-fungal and astringent properties. Black Canary also contains an active ingredient, juglone, which has antifungal and antibiotic effects. Can be by taking extra or black walnut capsule according to the instructions.

  1. Water

Water helps lubricate your vagina naturally, which aids in diminishing vaginal smells. I cannot stress enough the importance of water and lots of it. The mucous vaginal membranes need water to function properly so they remain well-hydrated. Soak in Vinegar


The odor of the genitalia especially in women is caused by unbalancing acid-base in the vaginal organs; the vinegar’s acid-based can restore the acid-base balance in the vagina. When the acid-base becomes balanced then the vagina will no longer give off unpleasant odors, as well as those that occur in men. Many people who only know the use of vinegar as a food ingredient or as a flavoring but vinegar can also be used for beauty materials. Among the many benefits of vinegar for beauty ingredients, one of them is as a remover of odors in the genitals.