How To Get Rid of Bacterial Vagina Forever

Some ways below can be used to overcome the problem of bacteria in the vagina that can cause many complaints, such as itching, infection, vaginal discharge and so on. If not immediately handled it will cause more harmful effects.

  1. Keeping the vagina dry and not moist, after voiding, wash the vagina from front to back, make sure your hands are clean from before until after washing the vagina. Wipe the vagina starting from the front, because it started from the anus it is feared that bacteria in the anus will enter into the vagina and cause the growth of bacteria. After defecating try rubbing the vagina with a towel so as not to become moist.
  2. Maintain diet, and avoid foods that can cause itching and growth of bacteria, especially if you have skin diseases such as allergies that are affected by food.
  3. Avoid using women health spray, because the vagina basically contains good bacteria that will keep the vagina clean itself, when using health spray it will kill all the bacteria in the vagina, and it will risk making the vagina vulnerable to disease.
  4. When menstruating replace the pads at least 2 times a day, when washing the vagina, please attend if there is blood attached to the vaginal area, will be a source of bacteria and cause itching if not cleaned properly.
  5. In public toilets avoid using water in a tub or bucket, stagnant water contained 70% of bacteria, which can lead to vaginal discharge or itching. While the flowing water can contain 10% -20% of bacteria, but it seems difficult to avoid, because it is impossible not to wash when finished defecating.
  6. Changing clothes or underwear after a workout or a sweaty activity. When the body sweats, the sweat will be absorbed by the clothes and will settle in it. If not quickly replace it will cause moisture to the skin and make a place to breed disease and skin fungus.
  7. Wearing too tight pants or underwear will make the skin pores become blocked if the skin sweat the vagina area will be moist because there isn’t air circulation. And worse, the skin that rubs against the fabric will cause more severe injuries and infections.

if some of the suggestions above do not provide solutions and cause adverse side effects, then contact your doctor immediately to consult.