How Recognize Factors and Stop Vaginal Discharge

For those of you who are experiencing the smell of vagina and vaginal discharge and want to stop vaginal discharge, it will certainly feel uncomfortable in performing daily activities. In addition to damaging self-esteem, itching and vaginal odor caused by vaginal discharge are an indication of other diseases. Before you get the disease this one, then there is a good idea their first factor causing the whiteness and vaginal odor that attacks the area of ​​your female sexual organs.

Stress and depression

One of the causes of stress experienced by women that is the pressure of work and activities that are too high, so the time to rest and eating patterns irregular and even tends to fall apart. Stress and depression conditions experienced by women can potentially increase excessive whiteness that causes odor in the area of ​ a vagina that needs to stop vaginal odor. When women experience stress, the level of ph balance in the area of ​​reproduction will experience instability. Therefore, to reduce the level of leucorrhoea you are experiencing, it is good depression and stress must be controlled for blood circulation reproduction part of the back stable and protected from bad bacteria.

Avoid foods that can increase body temperatureStop Vaginal Discharge

Avoiding foods that can increase body temperature can be used to stabilize the ph in the female reproductive organs. Some foods do exist that contain compounds less good for health, especially when consumed in excess. Ingredients in pineapple, eggplant, sea fish, and fat content of beef are some of the types of foods that should be reduced to the health of the vagina is always awake and avoid the vaginal discharge and odor.

Drink less mineral water

Minor water is very good for our body. By drinking enough mineral water, it will help remove all the toxins that exist in our bodies through the channels of secretion after being processed by the kidneys. Not only can you get rid of toxins in the body, mineral water is also believed to overcome vaginal discharge and odor. It is advisable to drink mineral water as much as 8 glass/day to help to clean bacteria and viruses that exist in the vagina area for ph balance contained in the vagina is always awake.

Lack of exercise activity

Exercising regularly has excellent benefits for our fitness. In addition to increasingly strong body resistance, exercise can also keep the organ function contained in our body remains healthy. Some exercise movement is also believed to overcome vaginal discharge and odor that many complained about by women. For those of you who are experiencing vaginal discharge and odor, you should try to exercise regularly and regularly, especially yoga to stop vaginal odor.