Home remedies solution for fishy odor vagina

Can home remedies become the solution for fishy vagina? Indeed it can,  as long as you know how to make it. Can I get the goods around my home? Of course, herbal items easy to find everywhere. What kind of herbal items that can reduce odor?  Before we are talking too much about home remedies solution for fishy vagina. The are some recipe below for vaginal healthy:

  • Pineapple
  • Citrus fruits
  • Guava leaves


This unique fruit has a lot of benefit for healthy, one of them is for vaginal health and odor. The strong smell of pineapple improves vaginal secretions odor, as we know that vagina has the special odor. So, if you have the unusual smell you can consume this fruit. How can I consume it? Is there must be mixing with another fruit? For consuming pineapple you can consume directly or you can make the juice of pineapple. Drink two glasses maximum every day for a few days.

Citrus fruits

A lot of kind citrus fruits, such as grape, lime, lemon, orange, and so on. Those fruits have amazing vitamin c sources that boost immunity. It keeps the body fresh and healthy also the important thing is to fight against bacterial growth in a vagina. Therefore, eating or drinking fresh citrus fruits will help your unusual smell vagina become contains again.

How often should you do this thing? Every day is better to eliminate vaginal odor. Why does this work? Citrus fruits contained detox water will help you to maintain the pH balance of body and prevent microbial infection and itching the vagina. Shortly, citrus fruits prevent the woman’s vagina.

Guava leaves

Guava leaves, really? Are you kidding? Guava contains vitamin C. The most much-contained vitamin C in all fruits is guava, even better than orange. Besides the guava fruit, the leaves also contained many beneficial items for body health, such as tannins, antibacterial, antioxidants, and anti-proactive properties. Guava leaves also used to prevent microbial infections. Therefore, guava leaves can treat vaginal odor.

How I consume guava leaves? The first, prepare 4-5 guava leaves and 1-liter water. Then? What I have to do? Throw in the guava leaves into water and boil the water. Wait until it reduces to half. Drink before breakfast and do it at least two weeks.

Home remedies recipe for smelly vagina is around you. Use it and consume it wisely. Hope this useful for you! Have items day.