Home remedies fishy discharge for women

When you read the title above “Home remedies fishy discharge for women” perhaps appear in your mind, that must be difficult to make or the goods must be difficult to look for. Just calm down girls! All you have in your mind is something to worry about.

In this article will give home remedies information, exactly easy way to make and you can find definitely in your home or market. Also some facts and tips for your vagina healthy.

Before we are talking about home remedies, we will talk about some facts of a vagina, the facts are vagina has the natural odor, each woman has different odors. So, when the first time your vagina has unusual smell the better way is consulting to doctor.

Vaginal odor can get rid of some natural items. Fastest and safest home remedies for reducing and eliminate the bad smell of vagina. And all natural items that you need can find in your home.

  • Garlic
  • Tea tree oil
  • Pineapple


Garlic potency is treating vaginal odor, it works effectively. what you will need to make is a garlic clove, a cheesecloth, and string. The first peel the fresh garlic clove then wrap the garlic in a cheesecloth, attach a small string to it. Insert into a vagina, leave it there overnight and remove when you wake up with the help of the string.

How often should you do this? Once overnight. In the morning the pungent vaginal should be gone. Repeat it if you’re the bad odor still there. Why does this work? Because garlic since ancient times has been used to treat infections. Various studies have proved that garlic contained antibacterial to against bacteria.

Tea tree oil

Throw scented and vaginal deodorant into thrash bin. The vagina’s pH balance can disrupt by these products. Better you use the natural vaginal wash, tea tree oil diluted in water. What you have to do is mixing three to four drops of a tree oil in water and rinse the vaginal area, do that in several times in a week. Tea tree oil works because contain antibacterial and antifungal. Bedore using do a test patch on your forearm if you suitable just go on.


The pineapple is beneficial for your vaginal health. You can eat directly or you can juice the pineapple. Why does this work? The strong pineapple smell improves vaginal secretions odor.

Garlic, tea tree oil, and pineapple are the easy home remedies. But you have to remember do not consume too much. If consume too much can be worst for your body healthy.