Gonorrhea Penis Discharge’s Indications and Treat Method

You feel the worried about the health of your penis? Your cock feels pain when peeing? Want to see a doctor but shy? Try to recognize the symptoms of the disease on a penis! Gonorrhea Discharge is a disease of contagious sex Discharge that is very easy to spot the disease in men is very clear, characterized by pain while urinating, exit liquid pus on gender, itching in the genital, genital red spots appear and so on. For that, I will discuss little symptoms that appear and the good treatment for premenstrual syndrome disease discharge.

Symptoms of gonorrhea usually appear in men 1-14 days after being infected, marked by a discharge of pus is white, yellow, or green from the urethra and mark including the hot flavor when waste it or discharge of the liquid is white, yellow, or Green from the penis. Most men may not be aware of the symptoms that he had gonorrhea because some of the men did not get the symptoms. The most common symptoms of the first and most recognized are the sense of heat or burning when urinating. After that, it will be followed by other symptoms such as:

  1. Frequency of urinating frequently enough
  2. Discharge of pus from the penis (liquid droplets) Are white, yellow, beige or greeny)
  3. Swelling and redness of the penis openings
  4. Swelling or pain in testicle
  5. A Sore throat coming continuously

When left untreated, this infection is probably still going to survive in the body for several days. In rare cases, gonorrhea can cause damage to the body, especially of the urethra and the testis.

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How to Treat the Gonorrhea Penis

  1. Use a condom in any kind of sexual contact, including oral sex, anal sex or vaginal sex.
  2. Better have one sexual partner. Your risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases will be high if you have multiple sex partners at the same time.
  3. Consult the doctor for couples wishing to get married, it is feared one of the pairs of you have this disease. Feel free and feel free to ask, to prevent more easily than a treat.
  4. If your partner has signs or symptoms of infection like pain during urination or has a complaint at genital area, avoid first sex with her.
  5. Investigate gonorrhea regularly if you have a high risk of contracting for example if you ever suffer from gonorrhea or other sexually transmitted infections in the past, or if you have a new partner, or if you have many sex partners.

Those are Indications and Treat Method of Penile Discharge, premenstrual syndrome preventing is better than cure. If not you alone that prevents, who else?