Cure Vaginal Odor

The smell of the vagina will vary during menstruation, but do not worry because it is a normal process. However, there is a smell of vagina caused by illness and it is not normal when having a vaginal discharge the woman would not be comfortable with the situation. But sometimes the wrong handling can be fatal and even worse. Women are required to know and recognize the signs of a healthy and unhealthy vagina, they will know how their vaginal health condition. By frequently reading articles about health or by consulting a doctor can add insight into your health.

Women should know about the causes of vaginal odor, according to health data can be grouped into 2 causes of the smell in the vagina. The first is caused by vaginal bacteria, or also known as bacterial vaginosis, this is related to the level of acidity in the vagina, when the acid-base content in the vagina is not balanced it can cause vaginal odor, Second is trichomoniasis is one sexually transmitted disease, occurs because of sexual intercourse, the disease is initially rarely realized by the patient but after a long time will feel the effects of the disease, one of the effects caused is the discharge of unpleasant odor in the vagina.

The disease is certainly very dangerous, especially when the condition is severe enough, needed a special handling for the healing.

Cure Vaginal OdorKeeping vagina clean

The clean vagina becomes the main key to health, by doing good care will certainly avoid the disease. When in the menstrual period note the hygiene of pads, if it has to accommodate a lot of menstrual blood then it is better to quickly replace with a new one because if it is ignored too long will cause a bad effect.  Pay attention to the vaginal humidity.

After urinating or bathing wipe the vagina with a dry cloth, so that the surface of the vagina will remain dry, thus preventing the fungus due to the wet vagina.

Vaginal cleansing fluid

An instant way to clean the vagina is to use vaginal cleanser soap, but that’s bad, considering the ingredients in these chemicals are harmful. The vagina discharges fluids to help keep them clean. Cleaning the vagina using soap causes all the good or bad bacteria to die. And the vagina will become more susceptible to disease.

Using Herbs

Unlike using chemicals, health-care products or natural-based beauty will be safer to wear, even in a long time, the advantages of chemical drugs are the speed of healing, but that does not mean it will be better.