Common Causes and How to Get Rid of Fishy Vaginal Odor

If you get a vaginal odor, you should find how to get rid of vaginal odors. The experience of getting vaginal odor does become something common to women. Almost all women also must have experienced the problem; even you do not have to worry when experiencing it. However, if a vaginal odor is not right, well should try to be more alert and worried because it shows the existence of symptoms of further problems. You need to take action quickly and accurately, after before you can do a check first to the doctor.

One of the abnormal vaginal odor types is the vaginal fishy odor. Usually, the smell that is on the vagina was followed also by other problems such as the existence of a whitish liquid. In addition, odors also smell stronger so it indicated an infection and worse problems in your vagina. If left unchecked, there is a greater risk of problems you can get from starting cancer and many others. Thus, rapid handling can be very much needed once to avoid dangerous risks which can cause more problems to the women.

Common Causes of Fishy Vaginal Odor

If you find an abnormal vaginal odor, it is commonly related to the ‘fishy’ type of odor. Certainly, it is a normal problem in women vaginal meanwhile a kind of problem that must be overcome in a fast way. However, if you want to overcome it with the right way, you have to make sure for finding know about what the causes of its matter. Based on some research, actually, there are some common causes that always be categorized as the factor that causes the vaginal odors happened. What are the causes? Here some of them, let’s check below:

  • Bacterial Vaginosis

This is often the cause of fishy odor in the vagina. Even in addition to causing fishy odor, Bacterial Vaginosis can also create some other problems such as Gray or white thin discharge. In addition, this problem also often gives the effect of burning during urination or intercourse. Doctor still don’t be unsure about the cause of this bacterial infection, but in general, these bacteria move through sexual relationships

  • Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is a vaginal problem where there is a growth of fungus in the female intimate area. In a certain time, it causes an infection which can then cause white or yellow discharge. Yes, actually yeast infection is also a natural thing and happens to women. However, sometimes this problem often makes the vaginal become more wet and smelly so it needs to be taken seriously.

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or otherwise known as PID abbreviation is a vaginal problem caused by a bacterial infection. Such bacteria are usually carried from sexual intercourse activities. The danger, if left in a long time this bacterium will continue to advance up to the uterus. But unfortunately, in general, women who suffer from this, they do not menhaden the problem until the sensation felt the certain symptom.

How to Get Rid of Fishy Vaginal Odor

During this time we may often find a variety of options that can be done to eliminate vaginal odor. But if a vaginal odor is stronger and also fishy, it should be handled well. Usually, it would be better if you try to contact a doctor to consult further. Usually, they will be ready to help you to detect the cause of the problem. Then the doctor’s side will also take treatment actions that really fit with the cause.

If you have not had time to go to the doctor, actually there are several alternative handling that you can try to do and apply. Some of these alternatives will be expected to help you in eliminating the problem odor easily and quickly. Well, anything and how do I handle it? Here are some ways you can apply and do it easily:

  • Consume plenty of Yoghurts

During the time, Yogurt is indeed often believed as one of the excellent material to eliminate vaginal odor. In this yogurt is a substance called lactobacillus that can restore the pH around the vagina so it can become normal again. To overcome or get rid a vaginal odor either fishy or not, you should be able to do it using the yogurt products are consumed more.

  • Garlic As Best Natural Antibiotics

Furthermore, there are other materials that can be used to get the rid vaginal odor of them is garlic. During this time, this garlic became one of the natural antibiotics that is believed to overcome various health problems including vaginal odor. You can consume it or by pounding and rubbing on the vagina for some time and then wash it clean.

  • A half cup of salt and vinegar

Furthermore, there is also suggested to use vinegar and salt. You can mix it with water and bathtub before then washed into the vagina. Some people believe that this method can help neutralize the vaginal pH so it can be more secure and comfortable again. Usually, this way is done as much once a week and do not use every day.

  • Take a Probiotic Supplement

This could be the next way you can do that is by consuming probiotics. Probiotic is very good and can be good in eliminating the vaginal odor problem. There are many probiotic products sold in the market, make sure you choose the best and match what is expected. However, make sure that the product you are going to buy is the safest one and legalized.

Well, that’s actually some way you can do to overcome vaginal odor. Actually, for its easier, it would be better if you choose one of option that can really be trusted. If you feel unsure of the choice of the way, you can just call your doctor to determine the proper way of handling based on the cause. In addition, they will also usually know a lot about the facts about this problem, even have the complete equipment to detect and treat it. At least you can get the right advice regarding how to get rid of vaginal fishy odor in the right way.