How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for BV

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for BV? As it is known that this apple contains many substances that are useful and useful for health.

Meanwhile, the processing is almost the same as the manufacture of alcohol by doing fermentation so that the liquid is then called vinegar. There is a very good content in apple vinegar that is acetic acid is believed to kill any kind of bacteria in the body including bacterial vaginosis.

However, you should know that to get the results as expected, you should use the vinegar well. Likewise, as you know that apple cider vinegar for bv have a very close relationship. For those of you who have problems with vaginal discharge smelly discharge, vaginal odor, and others, preferably using apple vinegar is very good.  Well, in general, there are several ways that have been used, what is it? Well here are some things you can do when going to treat vaginal discharge with apple vinegar.

Diluted in water, and drink it

Apple Cider Vinegar for Bacterial VaginosisThe first way you can do is to dissolve it with water. Then after that, you can drink it. Is it safe to drink? Of course safe because it is the basic ingredients that are used is not a dangerous material but a natural ingredient that is ‘apple fruit’. However, should you know the drinking rules of apple vinegar, how? Please take a teaspoon of apple vinegar, and then dissolve it into water and drink. The rules of good drinking are consumed twice a day, or even once a day is also not a problem.

Douche to the Vaginal Area

The next way you should do is to sow apple vinegar to the vaginal area. However, you should sprinkle the vinegar into several glasses of water. After that, you can sprinkle it to the vaginal so it can clean. In addition to aiming to kill bacteria, this method is also very good and precisely for you to protect the genital area from the attack of harmful bacteria. You do not need to do it often because it will make you sore, you should use a maximum of once a day.

Well, that’s actually some use you can do. In addition to some of the above use, you also can actually use some other means such as apple cider vinegar bacterial vaginosis.